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May 25, 2003
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V  E  S  H  A by blue2x V  E  S  H  A by blue2x
Just a glimpse of what FIREWORKSMX can do. I'm never really good in photo manipulation, but i decided to give it a try on fwmx. It's actually a combination of vectors and bitmaps, fusing them together to create harmony, hehe. VECTORS - most of the parts that you see, the skin looking interface and other objects, using fwmx default effects, it was a good challenge. BITMAPS - imported some pictures, tried to tweak them a little. I needed to improvise since fireworks doesnt support have much filters and layer modes, using hue, saturation and etc.

Well , i hope you guys would like it. peace awt
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sevenofeleven Featured By Owner May 3, 2005
Would make a great wallpaper.
Looks great.
gaux-gaux Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2005
WHOA COOL! I have no i dea what it is...but it looks wicked. reminds me of a praying mantise for some unapparent reason. YOU'RE SO TALENTED!
ice-dite Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2003
you are amazingly good, well better then good :!:
yellow-butterfly Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
This one is nice... where are you from? Are you from the Philippines? because some of the comments are... bisaya? I added your work on my fav list
eunoia Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2003
now that is sweet.. Nod :P (Lick)
unsaon manang fwmx? wa pa ko ana intawon. hehe. nicest kaayo imong design ani. pramise. Thumbs Up
cuperix Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2003
yes, awesome indeed, i love the top left part, very attention grabing Thumbs Up
firedudewraith Featured By Owner May 26, 2003
This is neat man!
mungkey Featured By Owner May 26, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
ur da man blue. Ayos kaayo. patudlo ra kos imo og unsaon pag dula dula anang kalayo diha! Heheheheh. Payr workx n da haus
spllogics Featured By Owner May 25, 2003
yo man thats an awsome manip. I never played in Fireworks much. but looks like it does some cool stuff.
Cheers on the awsome work.

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